Basic Things To Know On Sleep Apnea Tests And Diagnosis Basic Things To Know On Sleep Apnea Tests And Diagnosis

Basic Things To Know On Sleep Apnea Tests And Diagnosis

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Who does not like sound sleep? Sound sleep not only makes you healthy but also reenergize you for the next morning. But there are kinds of medical complexities involved with a sound sleep. Sleep apnea is among them. In Sleep apnea, the patient faces problems to breathe while sleeping.

Apnea in the Greek language means without breath. Sleep apnea is generally of three kinds in general. Generally, the sleeper does not know about the symptoms. This kind of apnea happens when throat muscles relax. In central sleep apnea, the brain stops signaling to muscles, which controls breathing. And complex sleep apnea is a mix of obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. Obstructive apnea is the most common type of apnea.

The patient affected with sleep apnea lacks sleep. That is the reason they cannot do any work with full efficiency. Sleep apnea is curable. So I patient should go to the Doctor if he ceases to breathe while sleeping.

Sleep Apnea Tests And Diagnosis
Sleep Apnea Tests And Diagnosis

Diagnosis Of Sleep Apnea          

The diagnosis of sleep apnea includes many simple stages. Based on your oral accounts, the Doctor tries to understand the kind of apnea. You can take off your sleeping partner who knows better about your sleep. The Doctor can see vigil your sleep overnight. Based on your complaint and his finding. The Doctor may write some tests. One test is nocturnal polysomnography. 

This test will examine your complete vital parameters like blood pressure, respiration rate, movement of arms, and legs. Blood oxygen level while you sleep. Another test is a home sleep test in which the Doctor will watch your sleeping habit for a night. If the Doctor finds any abnormality in your sleep, he can suggest some medicine or prescribe you a therapy. Apart from medication and treatment. A change in sleeping habits can be beneficial for you. In this, the patient feels insomniac and cannot concentrate. A lighter migraine, sometimes nausea, is also a symptom of sleep apnea.

What Is The Treatment?
What Is The Treatment?

What Is The Treatment?

Based on the findings, in the case of obstructive sleep apnea, He will further refer you to the ENT specialist. The ENT specialist will also look for any obstruction in your throat, ear, and nose. If it is central sleep apnea, then a neurologist and cardiologist will treat you further. One of the therapy to cure obstructive sleep is continuous positive airway pressure therapy.

This machine delivers air pressure in your throat and mouth. This therapy stops snoring and makes you comfortable in breathing. If you don’t find this therapy convenient, there is another therapy bi-level positive airway pressure therapy. This therapy uses more pressure in breathing in comparison to continuing positive airway pressure therapy.

Another therapy includes wearing an oral appliance. This appliance will help you to keep your throat open. A dentist will design an oral device for you. If all the options fail, then the last option is surgery to cure this disorder. In operation, the surgeon will remove your throat tissue that ceases the air inlet. He can also shrink the muscle to relieve you. Nowadays, the Doctor repositions jaw also. Another surgery includes tracheotomy, nerve stimulation.

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