Best Travel Pillows for Your Long Flights -

Best Travel Pillows for Your Long Flights

If you love traveling or need to do it for a job, you must know that it requires a lot of planning. You need to take care of your body during long flights, or you will end up being uncomfortable or worse. Especially if you are going on a vacation, you need to store a few essential things in the bag for a comfortable journey such as travel pillows. If you don’t, you might not enjoy the starting part of the holiday all that much.

Best Travel Pillows for Long Flights
Best Travel Pillows for Long Flights

During flights, it is important to wear loose clothes that you feel comfortable in, or you may get sores and have a bad experience. Along with that, you should drink a lot of water and hydrate your body. If your flight is overnight, or if you take naps during travel, there are other necessities too. For example, you may need to use eye masks to keep out the light and earplugs for the sound. You also need decent travel pillows for long flights.

Further, the travel pillow you choose should be soft and comfortable along with handy and sturdy. Above all, it should be able to give you the support that you need in awkward poses. It should avoid you from having stiff necks or numbness in the lower back area and other aches. Given below are some of the best travel pillows in the market for you to pick from.

Trtl Pillow: One Of The Most Comfortable Travel Pillows For Long Flights

Having a bulky pillow in the traditional U shape can be boring and also not so comfortable. If you are looking for something new but do not want to compromise on comfort, this is the one for you. The Trtl Pillow looks like a scarf that you just need to wind around your neck. It is very soft to the touch, thanks to its fleece finish. But just because it is soft and comfortable does not mean it does not give you proper support. In fact,  sturdy ribs and soft foam in the inside prop your neck and head in place.

Travelrest Travel Pillows For Long Flights

Best Travel Pillows for Long Flights
Best Travel Pillows for Long Flights

If you have an overnight flight and an important day ahead, you really need proper rest. Without that, you will have a tiring day, especially if you get a stiff neck. In such cases, the Travelrest Travel Pillow is the perfect companion for your journey. It is long and straps across your upper body. You can inflate it and fit it across your torso diagonally. It gives complete support and is easy to roll up and pack as well.


The Aeris travel pillow is made of memory foam and is in the shape of a U. It is very comfortable, and due to its special design, you will not feel hot around your neck. Also, it distributes the weight of your head and supports your back and neck. Along with that, you can adjust the grip of the pillow to make sure that it does not slip off your neck while you are asleep.

So, pick the one that suits your needs the most and travel and nap overnight with comfort and ease.

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