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Camping Sleeping Pad

Camping Sleeping Pad Outdoor Travel Mat

Travelling is always fun, be it with friends or family. We always plan out vacations to hill-stations, mountain ranges, grasslands, etc. but the thing we don’t consider important in our packing is regarding our sleeping accessories. We always carry all the essential items while we’re travelling but some things we often neglect to carry with us due to less space in our backpacks. Every one of us would have faced difficulties while sleeping as wheresoever we travel, we do not get the comfort of sleeping in the guesthouses, tents, hotels, etc. So, to make your holidays more enjoyable and comforting, we bring you the Camping Sleeping Pad Outdoor Travel Mat.

This Camping Sleeping Pad Outdoor Travel Mat is an essential travel accessory that we should not forget while we’re on a vacation or on a weekend getaway. This is the perfect travel accessory for hiking, camping, or backpacking. It’s always difficult to get some sleep when we away from our home. Wouldn’t it be hard for you when you’re camping on hard or muddy ground and especially when your sleeping mat is uncomfortable? Yes, definitely it is hard to get some sleep with conditions like this. With this sleeping pad outdoor travel mat, things will get much easier for you when travelling.

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Moreover, you also get protection against water drops in this sleeping pad as it comes with a special PU coating. In addition to that, you will enjoy a sound sleep when you’re away from your home. It also offers a storage sack with it for your convenience, so that you can keep it safe inside it when not in use.

Inflatable With 10-15 Breaths

This sleeping mat comes with a small but quick flow valve, which makes it easy to inflate and deflate as per our use. Also, inflating this sleeping pad will not take much of your time and energy. With just 10-15 breaths only, you can inflate this sleeping mat and sleep peacefully on it. In addition to this, the mat also has a feature which can take the shape and size of your body while you’re sleeping and provide you with extreme care and comfort. Furthermore, when you wake up the next morning, you won’t feel any discomfort or backpains. Likewise, it is also easy to deflate it. Thus, this sleeping pad is very easy and convenient to use and store.

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Specifications Of Camping Sleeping Pad

This sleeping pad has an additional slim waist design which makes sure that you get enough insulation and support. Also, the height of the pad is designed in such a way that it changes gradually from top (8cm) to tail (6cm). This entire sleeping pad weighs only 380 grams. So, you can easily take it with you while you’re travelling or camping. The thickness it provides you is around 6.3cm which is enough to provide extreme comfort.

Perfect To Use In A Chair Or Hammock

 This sleeping pad works best when used inside or under the sleeping bag. It can be used in a chair or hammock for increased warmth and comfort. Above all, it fits well on grounds due to its flexible structure. Camping will never be so easy and comforting without this sleeping pad. Wherever you are, just remember to get this along with you for a sound sleep at night.

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