How To Choose The Best Sleep Mask? -

How To Choose The Best Sleep Mask?

Insomnia or sleep disturbance is a common problem amongst people these days. Stress, anxiety, and other such issue increase this problem more and more. In such a situation, it is important to let yourself have a good sleep in the midst of all odds. Creating the perfect ambiance for sound sleep is necessary. Apart from having a comfortable bed, proper pillow, and blanket, eye masks work a great way in ensuring a good sleep. Eye masks help in overcoming the problems related to sleep and let you have a relaxing sleep. As soon as you block noise and light, the chances of your falling asleep are increased and improved. They are particularly useful for people like doctors, nurses, drivers, and other shift workers who need to sleep during the daytime. How To Choose The Best Sleep Mask?

How To Choose The Best Sleep Mask?
How To Choose The Best Sleep Mask?

How Does Sleep Mask Work

Dark or dim light has a natural tendency to make to fall asleep. Sleep masks block all the external lighting from your eyes and all the body to relax. The brain is conditioned to associate the prevalence of darkness with sleep. Hence, the brain cells produce melatonin (the sleep hormone) as soon as they sense darkness.
Sleep masks are also useful in getting rid of insomnia. As the light is blocked, the brain cells relax, and in this way, any stress, tension, or anxiety is kept away. Besides, unlike sleeping pills or any medication, sleep masks do not pose any threat or side effects on the body

Choosing The Best Sleep Mask


The main purpose of a sleep mask is to block the light from your eyes. But all the sleep masks do not fulfill this criterion well. Some people use sleep masks to fall asleep during the daytime. In such cases, always go for the one that provides complete blockage of light. If you sleep in a dimly lit room, you may go for the later ones too. So choose your sleep masks according to your needs and convenience.

Customizable Fi

If you wish to use a sleep mask during daytime and want complete darkness to fall asleep, always check the fit. Try them before buying and make sure that they fit well. In some cases, the mask leaves some gap on the nose, which allows light to fall on the eyes. Good quality masks generally have a kind of small flap made of fabric around the nose. This allows a better fit and also fits well in faces of different sizes.

Eye Shape

There is more about sleep masks rather than their material or fit. The light pressure that you feel on your eyelids while wearing them may sometimes have side effects. They may make you feel restless by disrupting REM sleep. Now they come with features like eye recesses or eye cavities that do not let the mask touch the eyes.

How To Choose The Best Sleep Mask?
How To Choose The Best Sleep Mask?

Material and feel

You will find sleep masks of a variety of materials in the market. Cotton, satin, silk, etc. are some of them. Do make sure that you are comfortable with the material of the sleep masks so as to have a sound sleep.

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