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Sleepwalking – Why People Sleepwalk

The common sleepwalking term is just one of the many terms that the media and general public have to lump together when talking about sleepwalking. Sleepwalking is a disorder that afflicts an estimated three percent of the population at least once in their lifetime.

Common Reasons For Sleepwalking


Why does my baby get sleepwalking? Sleepwalking is a scary experience. One moment the baby seems to be sleeping, and then they go off to sleep somewhere else. Their sleepwalking could be due to many reasons.

Know Everything About The Sleep Walking

Know Everything About The Sleep Walking

Check out our guide to know what is sleepwalking.

Sleep Walking: Symptoms & Their Causes

Sleep Walking: Symptoms & Their Causes

Somnambulism is simply as it sounds. It includes walking around, sitting up, or doing different activities whereas asleep. The people’s eyes are open. They give the impression of being like they’re awake. Moreover, Somnambulism happens throughout deep sleep. It occurs early within the night throughout non-rapid eye movement sleep. Usually, someone has no memory of it. Sleepwalking is an additional common in youngsters as well as young adults.

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