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Magic Sleep Number

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Sleep plays a crucial role in humans’ health. While sleeping, our body gets the time to rest, restore, improve, and rejuvenate. Inadequate as well as good sleep alike set the plan for your day and your whole lifestyle. Adults generally demand seven hours a night’s sleep on average. What if you do a couple of minutes here and there, will it affect you and your health? Yes, it will. So, in this post, we will know why the right sleep number matters in your life.

When framing your magic sleep number, view the following elements in your life:

  • Quality of sleep
  • Nature of profession
  • Your work environment
  • Everyday activities
  • Amount of physical training
  • Genetic factors like your weight

It is possible that somedays you cannot get sufficient rest, or you might feel you do not require additional hours of sleep. However, the body may need proper sleep to rejuvenate and repair.

Adverse Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

Affects Physical And Mental Performance

Sleep loss will make you more irritable and depressed. Further, it will slow your response times. Do you know 18 hours of constant sleeplessness results in the same negative effect on reaction time as a drunk individual?

But when you have a sufficient sleep, it will help you in optimal learning and will improve your memory. Researches have revealed that insomnia or not sleeping the whole night can disrupt the capability of learning new information. Hence, you will see that students who are all-nighters likely have the worst test performance.

Less Sleep Number Affects Physical Health

Chronic sleep deprivation happens when you don’t sleep 6 hours per night for weeks similarly is the case when you stay awake for the whole night. So, along with the behavioral issues due to lack of sleep, there are also unfavorable impacts on health. It is very much evident that sleep insufficiency is the cause of many common illnesses these days, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes. Moreover, lack of sleep alters the hormone levels that regulate hunger, which results in increased appetite and, eventually, a weight gain. So, loss of sleep is surely a risk factor for obesity!

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Magic Sleep Number – 7 Hours Per Night

As per a few studies, adults ought to aim for a minimum of 7 hours per night sleep. By doing this, you can work towards optimal health. As when you sleep less than 6 hours, you can encounter awful health outcomes. However, there is not enough proof to ascertain if getting sleep between 6 to 7 hours per night is dangerous for your health. The National Sleep Foundation mainly gave the equivalent results.

Can we really call 7 hours the magical sleep number? The research in the future may give a few clarifications. However, no doubt, currently, it must be your goal to achieve a proper sleep schedule and take care of your health.

Solutions For Sleep Deprivation

Make better lifestyle choices like going to bed, not watching late-night movies. Also, create a work environment by appreciating the employees who are not sleep-deprived because of their healthy lifestyle habits.

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